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  • Car Owners

    Welcome to Kneetly where we have created a way for you to save time, improve your quality of life, protect your car and help others, all with ease simply by having your car washed via the Kneetly app!

    The Kneetly app for car owners is available for download now at the App Store & Google Play Store and looks like this sponge

    To learn more about our services and how we value a high-quality outcome, read more below...


  • Washers

    Welcome to Kneetly and our matchmaking app for car washing. At Kneetly we have created a way for you to earn extra money and improve your quality of life, both with ease by simply washing cars using the Kneetly app!

    Of course, just about anyone can wash cars, however we want you to join our team and become a talented Kneetly washer. No previous car washing experience is required. A key to being a talented Kneetly washer is to take pride in your work and personal appearance, along with being happy and energetic.

    The Kneetly way to wash a car is a systematic, consistent and efficient process, which we will teach you during the registration process. Mind you it's easy to learn as we clearly demonstrate it in our instructional videos and written Kneetly Washer Guide.

    We are confident you will enjoy the Kneetly app and the opportunity it provides to earn lots of extra cash. Also, as a washer you will benefit by using the Kneetly app as it is designed to keep you safe.... read more below

    BTW, what do you actually earn as a Kneetly washer? Ultimately that is up to you, but as a guide you will receive 80% of every wash fee, which will be deposited weekly into your nominated bank account. As a simple guide, talented Kneetly washers can earn between $18 & $40 per wash (after deducting the GST), subject to the wash type and vehichle size.

    Click register to join our fantastic community of talented Kneetly washer and quickly start earning extra cash. As we say, "Happy days!"

    The Kneetly app for talented Kneetly washers is NOT available for download at the App Store.
    The washer app is sent to car washers via email once registered and looks like this:


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